Arty Pocket – a Chicago based men’s fashion accessory company has come up with their brand new range of bold and stylish suit pocket squares commonly called the handkerchiefs. They have been working with a community of artists to create the coolest and most unique suit pocket squares you can find in the market. No matter if you are planning a gift for your old man this Father’s day or want to use them for event giveaways and party gifts, you can be sure to find the classiest range of designer pocket squares only on Artsy Pocket. The concept of pocket squares are back in fashion and any sharp dresser would know how a seemingly non functional entity like handkerchiefs can bring about a significant statement in style. The most fashionable celebrities of our times like Diddy, Robert Downey Jr or Justin Timberlake have all been seen flaunting their stylish pocket squares and there’s no reason why you or I should shirk from them.

Why wear a suit pocket square?

The simple addition of a chic pocket square to your suit would infinitely enhance your look without the need for a jacket or even a tie. They would not only add a life to your mundane formal wear but also give you that much desired Cary Grant look. The classy touch of a well folded handkerchief can give a tremendous boost to your overall appearance which is why many sharp dressers of our times are now going for timeless suit pocket squares. Moreover a well designed pocket square also serves as an excellent men’s fashion accessory which would spice up the look of your regular suit. It is the trendiest and most subtle way to add colour, personality and elegance to a regular formal wear. Not many people still wear these unique fashion accessories and therefore wearing pocket squares are sure to turn a few heads and make you stand above the rest. A pocket square is one of the basics of bold dressing and though not so usual in today’s fashion scene they are still capable of commanding respect and fascination.

Why shop with us?

The pocket squares at Artsy Pocket are much more than just a fashion statement- the unique designs of pocket squares at Artsy Pocket would enable the wearer to stand out from the crowd while their business endeavours aim to help the artists’ community by tying up with artists, art institutes and art galleries. If you are one of those men who love to flaunt their formal wear then make sure to team up your suit with a perfect pocket square which would match the rest of your outfit. At www.artsypocket.com you are never going to see the boring repetitive designs of pocket squares and you will always find something which is trendy, unique, bold and stylish. Here you can find a wide range of pocket square in many different designs and colours all of which are sure to enhance the look of your formal wear.