Are you one of those men who want to carve out the power of creativity and add a pinch of personalization to personality? If yes then this post is for you! We at artsy pockets partner with local artists to design pocket square and handkerchiefs which can provide an appropriate finishing touch to your garment. It is unique in its build up and idea but what differentiates it the most is the fact that it can’t be stolen by your brothers or roommates! Here are few things which make monogram handkerchief more special.

Everything is nicer with little personalisation and we are more than welcome if you are willing to customize the size, fabric or if you want to change the thread colour on existing pattern. But overall here are three things which we sternly follow.

We keep it subtle: the quantum of impact that the monogram will leave will depend upon how perfectly it is carved out! With artsy pockets you can be extremely relieved about the build up! This is because we keep it subtle and create a tonal look to add distinct touch. For instance in some cases we prefer to keep the same colour of the handkerchief and imprint but the shades are different! Like navy blue monogram on blue pocket square or vice versa.

We don’t overdo: Monogramming your personality is good but over doing is disastrous and therefore while customizing the monograms for you we keep in mind that our designs are not spilling out of the bucket! We strictly believe and follow that monograms should be least visible and thus while creating them we make sure that pocket square have it in the corner only.

We are not just a hanky: we deeply respect you and your taste which has only inspired us to give air to non-traditional textures and patterns for the handkerchiefs. Our monograms are preferably made up on cotton (unless otherwise demanded by you) which makes it easy and quick to use. We can also customize the measurement of pocket square if you want it to vary as per the standard size. We have left no stone unturned in sourcing unexpected fabrics and dyeing technologies to deliver you nothing but the best!

These monograms are more tasteful than a complete name tag and cooler than preppy look of 80s! Artsy Pockets can help you in redefining your terms of style and fashion!So while we take care of style of your monogram handkerchief, you make sure that you don’t overdo its usage. We will take care as we understand that any garment tailor-made according to your build is special and putting a name stamp over it makes it more special!