Handkerchiefs For Men

Enhance your looks by choosing a right handkerchief

Handkerchiefs, no doubt, are an important clothing item that you need to carry everywhere with you. But, the importance of this small piece of cloth is less understood among the men. It is because of the reason that they just take it a piece of cloth rather than as a handkerchief. But, we would like to tell you that a handkerchief though is a small clothing item, but can add to your looks and personality. For that you just need to choose it wisely. Though the choice for handkerchiefs is not much wide for men as it is for women, but still there are great options to choose from. The latest fashion is introducing new designs in the list of handkerchief for men which they can match with their dresses.  

The pocket squares and the handkerchiefs for men are made using various fabrics. You can choose the one that matches with your choice, style and dress. For an instance, if you are going for a party then you can consider choosing the fabric according to your dress type. It can be of cotton, silk, wool, linen and any other. Choose the fabric that sets a better contrast to your dress’s fabric. However, commonly cotton is considered as great for handkerchiefs, and some silky and shiny fabric suits best for the party dresses. But, as both are going to polish your personality and pop up your looks, you are required to make a wise choice.

Furthermore, now come to the designs. Plain handkerchiefs and pocket squares have been preferred for years, but now the fashion of printed handkerchiefs is emerging out. This print can be in the form of checks, dots, floral, gingham and more. You can choose the one of your choice or the one that matches with your suit.  Moreover, the handkerchiefs for men are also classified according to type of dress you are wearing. For an instance, the handkerchief or pocket square design will be different for the suit, blazer and for the sport coat. So, rather than choosing any design, you are required to keep your dress in mind for creating a perfect match between your dress and pocket square.

So, you are no more required to compromise with your looks. Just visit any of the online stores and you will get lots of choices. You can buy a single pocket square/ handkerchief or can buy a pack containing more than one piece. However, another good thing is that many of the online stores provide you the option to get your handkerchief customized. You can choose the print, fabric and size of the handkerchief and they will provide you the piece that you may have imagined. Thus, now no one can stop you from adding to your looks. Moreover, you can choose a single piece that will work perfect for both the tasks i.e. for slipping into the side pockets or as a functional decoration on the jackets. So, choose a unique design for you and gain the attention of all the people around you.