Custom Pocket Squares / Handkerchiefs make a great gift for any occasion! Tell us what kind of event you are planning so we can help you put together a custom pocket square design that is perfect for you! Popular requests have included using custom images, logos, personalized messages, monogrammed pocket squares, and specific color/pattern preferences. Have a special event coming up? Tell us about it! 

  • Wedding/Event giveaways 
  • Groomsmen/Bachelor party gifts
  • Corporate Party giveaways
  • Branding
  • Event Promotion


Our pricing for custom orders vary based on the desired quantity. Generally, the higher the quantity, the more flexible we can be with pricing. Please refer to our pricing guide below, but please note that each order is unique and we would love to hear your exact needs. Feel free to use the contact form to send us your exact order specifications. 


  • 1 Custom Pocket Square: $50
  • 2-6 Custom Pocket Squares: $40/ea
  • 7-14 Custom Pocket Square: $35/ea
  • 15-24 Custom Pocket Square: $29/ea
  • 25-35 Custom Pocket Squares: $26/ea
  • 36-49 Custom Pocket Square: $23/ea
  • 50+ Custom Pocket Squares: Contact Us


How fast can you expect a custom order to be completed?

There is a lot of work that goes into a custom order. In most cases, we estimate 3-5 weeks for a custom order to be completed.