Artsy Pocket was established in early 2016 as a men's fashion accessory brand with a focus on unique and bold pocket squares, also referred to as handkerchiefs. Artsy Pocket delivers much more than just a sense of style and fashion, rather focusing its attention on inspiring consumers to stand out and be different with their choice of handkerchief, while at the same time giving back to the art community through our relationships with artists, art galleries, and various art institutions. Our message is very clear and simple: "BE BOLD. BE DIFFERENT." 

artsy pocket square
Each time I've attempted to shop for a pocket square, l would find myself looking at the same boring designs, the typical traditional patterns or solid colors. When shopping for pocket squares, I would them to make a statement. I'd like to be inspired, and I most definitely aim to inspire others to be bold and to be different. A pocket square is the one accessory a man can wear that is 'allowed' to stand out from the rest of the outfit. Use that as a way to share your message and showcase your personality.
-Founder & CEO, Artsy Pocket Inc. 


Whether your lifestyle enables you to suit up and wear pocket squares often, or whether you have yet to wear a pocket square in your life because of the stress and uncertainty associated with properly matching it to the rest of your outfit, Artsy Pocket is the way to go. Given the range of art and color we display in our pocket square designs, finding something to match is simply unnecessary. Our core mission is to put a unique, yet sophisticated twist on the growing pocket square trend. Here at Artsy Pocket, we strongly believe that the pocket square is the single most important accessory a man can wear, because of its ability to brighten up even a dull suit. No other men's accessory brings as much attention to itself as a bold pocket square. We seek out and collaborate with different artists and illustrators who fit within the Artsy Pocket vision, creating unique pocket square designs in order to help our customers stand out and share their stories. Remember our message: BE BOLD. BE DIFFERENT. Combining the creativity of art and the sophistication of fashion, we are able to bridge the gap between the two and bring you ARTSY POCKET.  


Our main office and manufacturing facilities are all located in Chicago, the heart of the midwest. Alongside New York City and Los Angeles, Chicago is a globally influential center of art, culture, and fashion. We are proud to be in a position to offer our customers high quality, American-made products at a great price!