DISCLAIMER: Artsy Pocket has no artists or illustrators on staff. The artwork you see in this collection is NOT our own. Our entire vision and goal for Artsy Pocket is not to create our own art, but rather give back to the art community by featuring beautiful pieces of work from around the world that have been submitted to us.
Artwork from well known San Francisco-based artist, Lauren Asta. Lauren inspires us with her passion for creativity and her unique style of "doodle-art," as she travels the country painting murals one city at a time.

Artist: Saint Henri
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Website: www.sainthenriart.com
Description: An art duo that creates emotional content based on society, politics & romance. From custom canvas work containing real money to modern day hangable metaphors challenging what proper ethics really are.

Artist: ViTO
Hometown: Chicago, IL
About: Vito's signature brush stroke pattern can be seen on all of his paintings, in which he purposely paints in such a way that allows the texturized paint brush strokes to dry in place.